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The Task

To create a recognisable, but separate, brand for an already successful service industry client.

The Background

Fisher Painting Services (FPS) is a successful professional painting and plastering company. They offer a full range of painting-related services including, residential and commercial painting, office and interior fit-out painting, roof painting, gib stopping and the application of floor coatings.

As a company, one of FPS’s key values has always been to provide client satisfaction by ensuring every job undertaken is completed to the highest possible standard. To achieve this goal, the company researched paint manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to determine which products would provide optimum results that were in line with their company values.

This research led FPS to brands of paints and coatings that were perfect for New Zealand conditions, and of a higher quality than those currently available to the local market. It wasn’t long before the team at FPS had become experts in residential and commercial paints and coatings.

By early 2020, FPS were ready to share their expertise in the complex world of paints and coatings by establishing themselves as a paint and coatings supplier.

The Challenge

The challenge for Rich&Co was to create an entity that was separate from FPS’s painting service. We knew that, with FPS being well-known in the industry as applicators of paint and coatings products, simply creating a new sub-brand would lead to confusion with potential clients linking the paint supply company to the existing painting company.

The answer was to create a new brand that removed any hint that the paint and coatings were being supplied by the painting company.

The first step was to initiate a naming exercise—the clients worked on finding a catchy name with two or three short syllables. Rich&Co had to ensure the company name and the domain name of the name chosen was available, and that it could be trademarked.

We then wrote, designed and printed all the relevant marketing materials including promotional brochures, product specification brochures, and stationery. At the same time, a new website was needed; one that provided all the necessary product spec’s and from which customers could purchase product. In short, we developed an entire new brand identity.

The Journey

After some discussion, the company directors settled on the name, Duraspec. Rich&Co secured the domain name, company office and a trademark was secured by FPS staff. Then began the creative process of logo design and developing a brand identity.

Copy and design for sales and promotional brochures were completed, including specialised photography required to market the extensive product range. The content strategy and a detailed sitemap for the new website were also carefully worked through. The promotional brochures and specification brochures were printed in high quality and delivered.

These processes—brochure and website creation—were carried out simultaneously to ensure consistency in brand identity across all media.

Once the framework of the website was complete, we began the process of loading all products and relevant information for each product onto the site. Because the site was a point of sale site, this was a painstaking process done mostly by the FPS staff, but the result made it worth it.

The Outcome

Duraspec™ is now set up with promotional and specification brochures and a striking, easy to navigate website. As a company they are already gaining a reputation as the go-to company for advice and the supply of specialised residential and commercial paints and coatings.

The website and brochures demonstrate a unity and a distinct brand that is immediately recognisable and will fit the reputation and values of the company as they grow and journey into the future.

Duraspec Brochure Design
Duraspec brochure design


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Duraspec Brand identity and business card design