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Some details on our Premium hosting capabilities

Celebrate your website’s success with our premium cloud hosting services, tailored to elevate your online presence and ensure a seamless digital experience for your users. At Rich+Co, we take pride in delivering top-notch hosting solutions designed to complement the power and versatility of your WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Our hosting platform is engineered for performance, featuring a robust infrastructure that boasts 8 CPU Cores and 12GB of Memory. This ensures lightning-fast loading times and optimal responsiveness, even during peak traffic periods. We understand the critical role speed plays in user satisfaction and search engine rankings, and our hosting solution is finely tuned to deliver the best possible performance.

Reliability is at the core of our hosting services. With 80GB of SSD Space, your website benefits from high-speed data access, enhancing overall system responsiveness and significantly reducing load times. Our SSD-based storage ensures a swift and efficient operation, contributing to a positive user experience that keeps visitors engaged and satisfied.

Security is a top priority in our hosting environment. We employ advanced security measures to protect your website and data, providing a secure foundation for your online presence. With regular security updates and monitoring, we actively safeguard against potential threats, giving you peace of mind while focusing on growing your business.

Unleash the full potential of your website with our generous 5TB Data Transfer capacity. Whether you’re running a content-rich blog, an e-commerce platform, or a dynamic multimedia site, our hosting ensures that your data can flow freely and efficiently, supporting the seamless delivery of content to your audience.

Partner with Rich+Co for a hosting experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Elevate your website’s performance, reliability, and security with our premium cloud hosting services. Embrace the digital future with confidence, knowing that your online presence is in capable hands.

cloud guaranteed resources

Guaranteed Resources

Shared hosting solutions is something we simply do not do at Rich+Co. We’ve long since moved to the cloud. Our cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimised for efficiency and speed that guarantees a top performance of your site.

scaling for businesses

Automatic scaling

Our cloud platform is ready for your growth. We can add CPU and RAM at any time with a click. We can also use our auto-scale option, which automatically adds more resources during unexpected traffic spikes, preventing traffic loss and downtime. You just need to let us know.