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When I joined IMOC some 5 years ago, the club needed some TLC. The Club magazine was more of a newsletter and the website was an embarrassment. I redesigned the magazine into a fully fledged professional magazine, and redesigned and redeveloped the IMOC website.

I also created all the merchandise including t-shirts, caps, scarves, key rings and lots of other paraphernalia. I designed and produced flags, banners, gazebo branding and a whole suite of branded collateral to help grow the club to 300 members.

“Gary is the best. He joined our motorcycle Club IMOC 4 years ago and offered his help with our Magazine and with our website. His work is simply awesome! He’s a terrific team member and has great leadership skills to get the best out of his clients and himself. His design work is of the highest quality and is well thought out. He makes it easy to understand for those of us that have a limited understanding and low tolerance for websites and all of the background work. He has great time management and an eye for detail. If you want it done right, get Gary on the job and let him run.”

Horace Hartnett – IMOC

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IMOC Magazine Design
IMOC Magazine Design
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