Spirited Gifts

Online Gift Boxes are the craze at the moment especially after a few lockdowns to drive sales since you can’t visit anyone.

We generated the name after significant research and understanding what the client wanted to portray – spirited gifts with spirits. After designing the brand identity, we trade marked the logo to ensure it was safe and no one could steal it from our client. Definitely a wise idea to do this.

We designed and developed the website in Woocommerce and ensured that all the functionality required for all the extra bells and whistles were in place.

SEO was top of mind as usual since it was vitally important that this site ranked well on Google. All metadata and other content was professionally written to ensure the top results – both from Google’s perspective and user interface.

We created packaging for the gift boxes and shipping boxes, flags, stationery, environmentally friendly packaging tape down to stickers and labels. We covered everything to ensure the customer experience was the best it could possibly be.

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Spirited Gifts Logo
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