While this project started off as a basic 16 page brochure, it soon became apparent that something a lot more detailed was required in the sense that the business was quite complex with a lot of products.

We designed and produced a 250 page catalogue, both in ring binder and saddle stitched versions to suit architects but also tradesmen in vans (who don’t really want a ring binder).

We carried out a lot of the copy writing and the photography to create the content for the catalogues. Their engineers played a large part in the content creation as every detail had to be precise – the type of precision only the engineers knew.

The catalogues were printed off-shore due the the massive reduction in cost versus printing locally. The project was a great success and the client easy to work with. 



  • Ring Binders
  • Catalogue Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Photography
  • Print Management