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Global freight logistics specialising in a wide range of freight options. From large, bulk shipments by sea freight or smaller items by airfreight, local or global and to any country in the world, Stellar International can help

About the project

This was a fairly detailed and complex build with a lot of varied content elements plus many pages. I enjoy working on larger projects. I contracted to a design agency for this project. The owner of the design agency and I have worked together for many years so he recommended Rich&Co to fulfil the development of this website for his client.


This is the most important step in any project in order for the project to succeed. I always take time over this step to ensure that it is done properly and thoroughly. I always start with the site map so that we can determine what the structure of the site is, how the end user will navigate around the site, what type of content is required on each of the pages and ensuring that it will have a great user interface and most importantly, a great user experience.


Create wireframes of the main pages to get a structure of these pages. This is not a final design, but just a way of demonstrating what type of content is going to live on each page, how much text the copywriter needs to write and what photos will be required. Once the main pages have been approved, then we go about designing templates for the different categories, as each of these will have a different layout and content.


From the wireframing stage, refine the design with images, colours, icons and begin generating real content for the site. Please note that no development has begun yet, and all of this design is static as if designing a brochure. These designs are submitted to the client for their approval. Once approved, we can begin the development of the site.


Each of the pages is designed and developed in direct accordance with the designs done in the previous stage. At the same time, each page is optimised for tablet and mobile viewing to ensure the content flows well on all devices. Each page is treated individually to ensure everything is perfect, the images are optimised for the best quality, but equally have a low file size to ensure the site’s performance is optimal. Add all metadata to each page of the website for the best SEO practices.

Quality Control

A thorough check by going over each page of the site to check content, links, mobile and tablet views, text, grammar etc. Once this is done, then the client can go through the site themselves and provide any feedback or changes for us to make.

Go live

Once all the changes are complete and any refinements have been dealt with, it’s time to put the site live. Ensure all 301 redirects are in place to ensure that there are no 404 errors. Check that all the links are working and that the site is working at its optimal performance.

The outcome

The outcome is the website looks fantastic, is on brand, functions flawlessly and, most of all, leaves the client 100% satisfied. Using careful and expert development practices we were able to produce a website that results in a seamless user experience while cultivating total satisfaction for Stellar International and their end-users. We achieved our aim of delivering a website solution that exceeded expectations.

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A big thank you to Gary for helping me to achieve an outstanding website build for a key client; on time and on budget! Gary is methodical and focused and his knowledge and expertise in building a high-end WordPress site is second to none. Looking forward to the next project that we can collaborate on.

Glenn Conroy

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