Working In®

Rich&Co have been working with Working In® and Working In Visas for several years and being the support for their marketing team.

The work involved is creating brochures, presentations, stationery, trade show displays, web banner and social media adverts, plus everything else their marketing team needs in order to promote this very successful business.

“Gary is a total graphic design superstar. We have been using him for years on all of our collateral and web based imagery. He is reliable, accurate, very experienced and always a pleasure to work with. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for graphic design support.”

Jo Walsh – Working In


Working In logo
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Stacked brochures with hand holding top copy
Stacked brochures with hand holding top copy
Working In Visas brochure open on a spread
Working in brochure opened on a spread with a page curled
Trade show display for Working In
Working in business cards stacked in two piles front and back