Wulf Security

Rich&Co were brought in to redesign the website for Wulf Security from what was a very outdated site that was old fashioned and the information about the business had changed significantly.

While designing the website, our copy writer interviewed the staff and wrote all the new text for the entire website, which is now relevant to what they are doing.

The design boasts both the service offering and the technology that Wulf Security uses in their day to day operation.

The site is now in a modern era, performing well and generating interest to the right audience now.

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Wulf Security Logo
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wulf security website on screen of Apple Studio computer
website design auckland nz
website design auckland nz
Photo of security guard from behind with big SECURITY on back of shirt
Pat Wulf from Wulf Security standing with his arms folded
Close up of security guard with Wulf Security logo on shirt