What can I expect from Rich&Co when building a new Website?

Lumberbank Website

1. What are the costs for Rich&Co to design and build a new website?

Unfortunately there isn’t a straight answer to this, as websites are estimated based on the needs of each individual project, and since each project is quite unique, it has different assets and time requirements. So therefore, it’s not possible to put a price on it without knowing all the details. 

All our website designs are unique to the client and we don’t use templates – your website will be designed to complement your brand and will be specific to your business. Our onboarding process is very thorough and assesses your needs. We ask all the right questions for us to understand your business and make sure it aligns with your budget. We can then provide you with an estimate based on the outcome of our scoping process. Our smallest websites usually start at around $1000. Watch the Video

2. Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?

Yes you’ll be able to manage the content on your website. We love empowering our clients and showing them how to take control of their website and manage the content – if you want to of course. 

You will have full access to the backend of your new WordPress website once it has gone live, and you will be able to make simple text updates, image changes, add new products or change pricing.

We will provide you with 1 hour of free training to show you how to edit your website.

We do not recommend making more complex changes and carrying out maintenance, such as plugin updates, design or structural changes or complex functionality requirements. This type of work should be carried out by ourselves or a professional website developer. Watch the Video

3. Does Rich&Co provide website hosting?

Yes, we provide the hosting for your new website and we would prefer to look after this as it makes an enormous difference to the performance of your website. Our hosting package is cloud based which means it is super-fast. Our hosting also includes a SSL certificate to ensure your site is secure. This is often an additional cost, but with our hosting, it comes as part of the deal. Daily backups of your website are automatic, so if something did go wrong, or if you accidentally made a mistake while editing, we can easily retrieve the latest backup of your site and have it up and running again in no time. Watch the Video

4. Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, your website will be optimised before it goes live; for mobile phones, tablets and desktop. This is essential to the success of your site and the Google ranking process. Google take it very seriously that websites should have a good user experience, no matter what device you are viewing it on. Watch the Video

5. How much time will you, the client need to allocate during the website development process?

At the start of a project, we’ll need a lot of information from you in order for us to understand your business and how we can communicate your message about the products/services to your website visitors.

We have formulated a series of questions that covers all the bases that we need to know in order to create an outstanding website for you. Once we have all this information from you, you can sit back and relax and we’ll take care of the rest.

If we are creating content for you – that is written content and/or photography, then some of your time will be required here as well. The copy writer will interview you to understand every aspect of what we are going to be talking about on the website.

Then, at the end of the project, you’ll need to do a thorough check of the site before it goes live. Watch the Video

6. Who writes the text/content for your website?

If you have the time and capabilities of writing the content for your site, then you are most welcome to write it. In our experience, most business owners or their staff either don’t have the time or the expertise to write professional content for the website. This often creates long delays in the completion or progress of the site. We have professional copy writers who write all the content for your new website. They will interview you to understand what it is they need to write and may get access to any brochures or other reference material to ensure that the technical terminology or other information is correct.

You’ll get the chance to review all the copy before it goes onto the website and be able to make changes where required. Watch the Video

7. Will I get my return on investment on a new website from Rich&Co?

There are millions of websites out there and every one of them are competing to be ranked on page one of Google. So by designing and building a site that is visually attractive, well structured and fast loading is essential in getting your site to a standard that Google will acknowledge and rank well.

Here are some tips to help you get the best return on your investment:

  • Good imagery – professional photos or videos. People love looking at photos and videos.
  • Good quality content: Vitally important as Google will judge you on this
  • Metadata – well written metadata for every page, product and blog to improve SEO
  • Adding new content regularly – This is usually achieved by doing regular blogs on your site
  • Speed and performance – ensure the speed and performance of your website are optimal

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