Video Testimonials

Celebrating success is important for any business!

  • It’s crucial for morale!
  • It’s vital for company culture!
  • It’s essential for customer confidence!
  • It motivates continued excellence!
  • It attracts more success!

If you don’t showcase your greatness, the world won’t know. Let’s make your success impossible to ignore.

Transform your success into powerful, convenient, and easy-to-share video testimonials.

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What are the benefits of Video Testimonials?

Boost in Sales Efficiency

Empower your Sales Team to close more deals by adding personalised case studies and testimonials, enhancing credibility and social proof.

Optimised Website Performance

Video testimonials improve SEO, conversion rates, and social proof, enhancing a website’s overall appeal and trustworthiness. They play a pivotal role in engaging potential customers and driving conversions.

A Culture of Celebrating Success

Celebrating success with your organisation not only invigorates your team but also positively impacts client relations. This holistic approach ensures that your client‘s business not only thrives in sales but also cultivates a strong and positive market presence.

Here’s a few examples of video testimonials we’ve done for our clients


Process Overview

Our process is designed to be efficient and straightforward.

Briefing Meeting

  • Duration: 10-20 minutes
  • Purpose: To understand you and the person giving the testimonial. Conducted via a Zoom Call.

Filming and Interview

  • Duration: 60 minutes of your client’s time
  • Breakdown
    • 15 mins setup (Your client doesn’t need to be present)
    • 30 minutes interview
    • 30 minutes capturing B-roll
    • 15 minutes pack up (Your client doesn’t need to be present)


  • First draft turnaround: 10 days

Interview and question preparation

Yes, we handle the entire process, including crafting relevant and effective questions. Our goal is to ask questions that put your client at ease for a relaxed, genuine, and informative response.

No, your presence is not mandatory. We’ll conduct the interview, coordinate with your client, and capture all necessary footage.

No, your presence is not mandatory. We’ll conduct the interview, coordinate with your client, and capture all necessary footage.

Sales / Marketing outcomes

No guarantees as many factors influence outcomes. Our guarantee is to deliver high-quality, valuable videos. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship as your go-to video testimonial expert.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand by our work and systems. We collaborate until we meet your satisfaction, including reshooting, re-editing, and working closely with you.

Working Hours and Briefing

Yes, we often work outside regular hours. A calendar with available dates will be provided for convenient scheduling.

Yes, as Video Testimonial specialists, we streamline processes to save time and effort. During the brief, we gather essential information about your client, the project, key values, and specific topics for discussion.

Additional Information

Available with our Premium package. The footage is kept offline, but specific requests can be accommodated.

With the Premium package, you can download and share footage with your client for use in their visual communications.

Yes, please visit our Photography page which will tell you more about our photography services.

Video Testimonial Packages


Powerful, convenient, easy

  • 3-5 minute testimonial video
  • Bespoke client footage
  • Custom branding
  • On-location filming
  • Flexible scheduling


Social media-ready testimonials

  • Everything in Essentials
  • 3-5 Social Media reels (Content dependent)
  • Raw-footage access
  • Thumbnail design for social media
  • SEO-optimised videos
  • Full transcript of the interview (To help create blogs)

Triple Pack

Best value

  • Everything in Premium x 3
  • Additional 2 x complication edits
    (Video mash-ups)
  • 15% bulk buy discount
  • Ready-to-use testimonial collection