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Gary has been in the creative industry for over 35 years and has a broad range of experience in all sectors relating to design for print, web and digital. 

Where my journey began

You know those high-end advertising campaigns with large budgets for big businesses? This where my journey began many moons ago. It was exciting work – going on photo shoots, brainstorming concepts, coming up with catchy headlines and outstanding graphics to give the ads the punch they deserved! 

Well, if this all taught me anything, it certainly provided me with the experience and a solid grounding for that level of perfection demanded by this calibre of clientele. It was everything about the job and the company I was working for that encouraged high quality work that satisfied my OCD of doing something properly or not at all.
Strategy, planning, design, pre-press, production and quality control were all part of the every day routine.

Doing my own thing

In early 2000 after having immigrated to New Zealand a few years earlier, I started my own design agency. Initially the type of work was very production focused with book and magazine design with some brand identity thrown in. The company quickly grew to be one of the leading design agencies in Auckland, New Zealand. Brand Identity was one of our main specialties, with the rollout from that being a vast range of marketing collateral including websites, corporate brochures, catalogues, banners, digital presence and so much more. Whatever was needed to provide our clients with the brand presence and exposure they needed to succeed and grow is what we did. No exceptions.

Our clients have ranged from large corporates to start ups, each of them with their own unique challenges. One common denominator across the board has been the success of our clients with our input of professional branding and promotion of their products and/or services. Their exposure in the market place, whether physical or online was key to their brand awareness and conversions.

It can be said that many of our clients have been low on the radar in terms of retail giants and common household brands, so many may not recognise the likes of Rakon, NZ Cranes, Stealth Electric Bikes, Hawk Ellery Freight or many of the others I have worked with. But my work has always inherited that level of perfection from where it first began. It is the journey of planning and implementing the right strategy along the way, correct colour choices, font choices, graphics and imagery. Nothing is left to chance but carefully thought out for the best possible results.

What’s next?

So where to now? Browse through the work on my portfolio or read what our clients have said about us. While each brand has its own unique identity tailored specifically for each entity with their own unique culture, my work does have a certain ‘flavour’ that you’ll either love, or not. If you do love it, then make contact and let’s chat. Let’s see how we can help you in the same way we’ve helped all our other clients. I look forward to hearing from you.

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